Study Guide to Sanibel Island

(All the following images were taken and supplied by myself.)

The Home Page

Study Guide to Sanibel

Here is a concept site I created. In addition to a wealth of information about Sanibel Island Florida, the site also offers a virtual tour around Sanibel Island. It's very similar to Google Street view, except this would allow you to explore beaches and places Google Street view doesn't go. Oh, and it's interactive!

The Tour Begins!

Tour Intro

This is what the beginning of the tour would look like. I wanted the navigation to interfere as little as possible so that the user could see the view before them with clarity.

A Walk On The Beach

Walk on the beach

The viewer is walking on the beach. Now, they may wonder "What kind of grass is that?" or "What kind of bird is that?" This is where they can be interactive!

A Little Interaction

Tour in action

Here we see what happens if you click around as you tour. The viewer has clicked on both the grass and the pelican to find out more. As you can see, a box shows up with a bit pf information about the subject. If they wish to learn more, a link is supplied to click on and find out more!